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Family Shopping Lists

The shopping list can be used to easily let other family members know what you need to be ordered on the next shopping trip. Family admins can mark items as accepted if they will buy it, declined if they won’t buy it and bought if they purchase the item. Items will show as Pending status until a family admin has accepted/declined it.

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Family Meals

The family meals page is where you can add the meals that your family eats for dinner and to let people know what’s for dinner that day, or for future days. Family members can add suggestions to the meals list which family admins can accept or decline.  Family members can also ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ to show which meals are liked (or disliked!) the most. To set a dinner for a specific day you must select a meal from the family meals list. Family admins can also send push notifications to let people know when dinner is ready!

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Family To Do List

The to do list is useful for the family admins to easily set tasks for the family members to do. You can assign a task to a specific family member, you can also set a due date. Family admins can notify the member that the task is assigned to easily straight from the to do list page.

family feast to do list

Meal Polls

Family Meal Polls is the easiest way to ask all the family members what they want for dinner. Once a poll is started by an admin, if the admin chooses to, the app can send a notification to all the family members devices letting them know a poll has started. Once they open the app from this notification and go to Meal Polls tab they can choose one of the 3 meals the admin chose when creating the poll. Admins can end the poll at any time.

family feasts meal poll results

Family Events

Family Events provides a great and simple way to make sure no family members forget about any important events. Family admins can add a new event from the family events tab and can pin it to everyone’s home page by clicking on the pin icon. Pinned events will show on everyone’s home page and will display a live countdown to the specified event date.

family feasts family event

Family Games

Fancy a quick duel with someone in your family group? With this app you can seamlessly connect your phones together to play a quick game of hangman or rock paper scissors! This is a great way to help pass the time if you are waiting, or if you want to decide who can choose the next movie to watch, this is a great and simple way to decide!

family feasts family games

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